You’ve Seen Flower Crowns…But Have You Seen MERMAID Crowns?! Absolutely STUNNING!

Chelsea has a passion for making crowns. Floral headwear isn’t anything new – in fact, many cultures still utilize flowers in their hats and wedding attire. But Chelsea has taken the tradition to a new level, and her creations are nothing short of incredible. She sold large, intricate crowns made of blossoming floral arrangements, but one day…decided to try something different. Really different.8.2a5She ordered shells from a company that collects shells from over-crowded beaches everywhere. The company donates 30% of their proceeds, so Chelsea uses them as often as possible in her creations. 8.2a6She finds it appalling that people would “steal shells from beaches to make a profit,” and wants to preserve them instead of seeing them crushed just to make concrete and adhesives.
8.2a7Women everywhere are buying these for weddings, festivals, and beach trips. Who wouldn’t want to embrace their inner mermaid with stunning pieces like these?8.2a8It all started when she was a teenager. She began creating flower crowns to cover a scar on her forehead. 8.2a9She started out as a florist, but now, making these crowns takes up most of her time. 8.2a10The intricate displays are created individually. She doesn’t follow a pattern or have a specific idea in mind when she begins a project –

I just wing it.”8.2a11

Her creativity is obvious in these works of art, and people are in love. While it may not be acceptable to go grocery shopping with a headdress on, many girls hope that one day, they can live their mermaid dreams without odd stares from strangers.

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