You’ve Never Heard The Pledge Of Allegiance Like This Before!

At the beginning of every school day, the Pledge of Allegiance was usually recited. The prideful sentiment, however, has since been chased by criticism and controversy.

46 years ago, a self-written speech by Red Skelton showed how the pledge should be recited by Americans. Skelton was inspired by one of his school teachers, Mr. Laswell. As he recalls in this video, his teacher grew tired of hearing the class recite the pledge in a dull, monotonous manner. So he gave strong comments about the meaning of each phrase. At the first ever “Evening at the White House” during the time of Richard Nixon, Skelton read the same speech he wrote a few years back.

Points of view about this subject are bound to differ no matter what, and people will always ask for questions. But everyone must see the value of the Pledge of Allegiance. The love for country must show unity, and this means treating everyone fairly without prejudice and biases.


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