Your Decorative Pumpkins Don’t Need To Be Orange! Princess Pumpkins Are Perfect For Fall!

The prettiest Halloween trend is transforming those tired old carved pumpkins into magical centerpieces that are too magical for their own good. The spooky holiday is normally celebrated with creepy crawlies and eerie skeletons, but not anymore! Grab some pastel spray paint and turn your front porch into a fanciful wonderland of happiness and cute forest animals with this adorable idea.

With iridescent pastel paints and fun decals, the pumpkins transform into princess-like creations, with tiaras and all! This “Sleeping Beauty Pumpkin” would probably be just as pretty in blue or green! You can find the full tutorial here!

With textured paint, this Frozen pumpkin comes to life! That intricate crown really brings this design together. Find out more about this design here.

This easy Rapunzel pumpkin is too perfect! With a bit of purple paint and golden accents, this pumpkin doesn’t need much more. You can see how she did it here!One of the most stunning designs is Belle! The how-to here is really simple!

Finding new ways to decorate for each holiday is a passion for some, but these cute little pumpkins can double as all sorts of decorations! From birthday parties to fun accents in the dining room, there really isn’t any place that these awesome pumpkins don’t belong!

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