Young Adults Searching For “Generic BBQ Dad” Now Only Want Bill Murray

Just days ago, a group of twenty-somethings decided that they wanted to host a BBQ on the day before Father’s Day, but they weren’t ready to step up and be the “dad” of their group. They decided to post an ad online for a “Generic BBQ Dad” to come to their party, grill, and impart his fatherly wisdom while eating free steak and drinking free beer for a few hours.

They had no idea that their request would be taken seriously or that it would go viral over night. They started thinking about it and decided collectively that they would now only settle for the actor, Bill Murray, to step in as their honorary BBQ Dad.

When asked why Bill Murray, specifically, they had a pretty good answer:

Why not Bill Murray? He is the quintessential generic father figure that we all were looking for.”

They hope that he’ll show up.
The group knows that Bill Murray is a fan of BBQ, and that he often does crash random parties, weddings, and events just because he can. When the group’s actual fathers found out about the ad, they thought it was funny. A coupleĀ of their fathers actually live near them, but not many. The fathers all thought it was hilarious and weren’t surprised that their kids would get up to something like this.

For now, we’ll just have to see if Bill Murray feels like traveling to Spokane, Washington for a bit of backyard grilling!

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