You’ll Never Guess Why A Guy Built This Robot!

Since the dawn of modern technology, we have been fascinated with robots and how they can potentially make our lives easier. We are yet to see this idea come full circle, of course, but we are all witnesses to continuous breakthroughs time and again.

Remember ASIMO, Honda’s highly advanced humanoid? Well, the robotic arm in this video doesn’t come close to what it can do, but ASIMO can’t pour a bottle of beer as perfect as this right here. I bet humans won’t be able to pull off this one easily.

The future is truly upon us with technological advancements growing more and more sophisticated. Although the main goal is to make living simpler for humans, we should never let these be reasons to become dormant to the natural world around us. These inventions are products of brilliant minds, but it is up to us not to let these minds become idle and deteriorate because of too much dependency.

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