You’ll Never Guess Where This Miniature Nativity Is! This Gift For Pope Francis Is The World’s SMALLEST!

This incredible feat of scientific skill is breathtaking, and the best part is that you can’t actually see it with your eyes. the only way to get a glimpse of this miniature nativity scene is with a powerful microscope. That little sculpture of baby Jesus is no bigger than a single cell!

But how small is that? It’s hard to imagine just how teeny this scene must be, so for scale, they had it printed on something that everyone could relate to.

This amazing display was 3-D printed right in the eye of a needle.Due to being so small, the project was named #NanoJesus and understandably went viral as a result.

The gift was given to Pope Francis by the president of Lithuania, proud to show off the ingenuity and skill of Lithuanian scientists.
Created by the students and professors at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, five copies of the nano-Nativity scene were nano 3D printed over the course of three months.  The jaw-dropping results are up for a Guinness World Record for being the smallest nativity scene in the entire world. We think they probably don’t have very much competition!

Too cool!

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