You’ll Never Guess Where This High School Senior Had His Pictures Taken!

Andrew McBurnie, like many other high school seniors around the country, decided to have professional senior pictures taken this year. He chose a suit that reflected his personality, made sure his hair was perfect, hired a professional photographer…and drove right on down to his favorite spot to hang:

Taco Bell.

Andrew loves a good joke, but he also loves Taco Bell. In the end, it made perfect sense. This location was a nostalgic one. The cheap food and casual atmosphere made that corner a great spot to hang out with his friends.He decided to get his favorite items and posed whimsically, pensively, and in as many hilarious poses as he could think of. He wanted them to be “serious,” but in a humorous way. We think he nailed it!

The hardest part about it all? Posing with the food and not being able to eat it! He had joked about it before, and his friends thought that he couldn’t possibly be serious…when he got the pictures back, he posted them on Twitter and even mentioned Taco Bell. They loved it!

If, for whatever reason, Taco Bell would ever want me to professionally model a loaded potato griller, they know where to find me!” He wrote.

The pictures are hilarious! What better way to document his high school years? We can’t think of one.

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