You’ll Never Guess Where All The People Live In This Alaska Town

Condo-living may be an ordinary thing for you but a town in Alaska takes the high-rise life to another level. Meet Erika Thompson. She is a teacher in a grade school in Whittier, Alaska. In this town, most of the people live and work in one building only. The town is an hour away from Anchorage and it is only accessible by a miles-long tunnel with limited hours.

It is indeed a very different arrangement from the normal every day bush community but Erika says it is not strange at all to them. It is like living in an apartment city, just that the same goes for the entire town. Down the building, there is the post office, grocery store, city offices, movie store, school, and gym.

In school, she has been teaching the same students for four years now and she says the children do not have any trouble adjusting because the proximity helps them in managing the classes and school relationships better. They are like a family. Further, Erika teaches fitness classes to other neighbors to help them be healthy in a town where the challenging weather and address can be fantastic excuses not to move.

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