You’ll Never Guess What Her Gown Was Made From! Due To Rationing, They Had To Get Creative!

Just after WWII, everything was rationed. New clothing, new items, and just about anything that wasn’t salvaged was very expensive. For Betty, a new wedding dress was going to be far too expensive, and she didn’t know what to do.

Her mother-in-law had a crazy idea…

Betty’s fiance, Ed, had sent home several items as souvenirs from the war, and one of the items included was a parachute that had been used by a German soldier. She suggested that Betty have her wedding gown made out of the fabric, and while she not thrilled at the idea, she went along with it anyway.¬†10-31a9

She took it to a skilled tailor who was able to create a seamless gown, hiding the imperfections and creating a stunning work of art. He even managed to keep the details of the German soldier that had used it. It cost her a grand total of $18! (Accounting for inflation, that’s roughly $200 for a custom wedding gown!)10-31a10Ed had taken the parachute from a plane they had found inside of a burning hangar. It was a German jet engine, and they had never seen something like it. All of the American planes were being made with propellers, and to see something without them was an incredible find. Ed and his fellow soldiers quickly pulled the plane away from the flames and took souvenirs, and Ed ended up with the parachute, sending it home to Betty.

The two were married, and the dress was on display at Ohio State University from 2008 to 2009!

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