You Won’t Believe Some Of The Things People Secretly Hoard

We all look at hoarders and say to ourselves “I’ll NEVER do that!” It may surprise you that everyone hoards something! Did your favorite item make the list?


Shopaholics are more likely to get nabbed for collecting countless receipts. Some might keep them for credit card payments, while others just like to pile all the thermal papers.


Sneakerheads and fashionistas rave when fancy footwear are released every season. They just have to fill their shoe closets with the freshest designs.


This unusual obsession might sound preposterous, but there are hoarders out there that create hairballs from their own hair and store them in jars and plastic bags.


If you’re the type that collects books like someone dead set in building a paperback tower, then consider yourself a bibliomaniac, my friend.


Is your pen always on the office table when you leave? Don’t be surprised when it goes missing because office supplies hoarders are lurking round the corners.


Having a small collection of bookmarks is decent. But if they outnumber the books you have, then you’re already wasting money on things that have little value.


If you have a lot of plastic containers than the items in your home, then you’re helping to save space. Those bulky containers can create more clutter.


Those who collect coins and deposit them in the bank clearly have a bright future. However, hoarders who only keep coins for display won’t be able to realize their true value.

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