You Will Not BELIEVE The True Purpose Of This House! It Looks Real, Right? This Is SHOCKING…

These homes are equipped with running water, WiFi, electricity, cable, and central air, which doesn’t sound very shocking…until you realize that these houses have been constructed for children. That’s right, these play houses – play mansions, at this point – have been fully equipped and constructed for small children to “play house” in comfort and style and can cost as much anywhere from $6,000 to $100,000 and more (plus shipping)! The company, accurately named PoshTots, will even create a child-sized replica of your own home!

This particular model sits for sale at $42,000.10-6a3

Most of us, if we were lucky enough to have a back yard, had a play area (most times, an old shed) equipped with old chairs from the garage and the occasional wasp nest, but these houses are putting all of that to shame. The cottages, pirate ships, forts, and Victorian-style homes are just the right size for children and come with doors that most adults can’t even squeeze into.

This large Victorian play home is priced at just under $20,000 and boasts a large wraparound porch.10-6a4

One story, two stories, or anything your child can imagine, there is not much that is off limits for these creations. There are standard designs, but the company allows for unique requests and custom additions – at an extra cost, of course.

The Cotton Candy Manor is for sale at just under $10,000.


This leads to the question: how much is too much? Some parents say that, while these play homes are expensive, they can easily be used to teach children about cleanliness and responsibility. What do YOU think about these incredible pint-sized homes?


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