You Will NOT Believe How This Photo Was Taken!

The photograph itself is intense. The choppy waves encroaching the road, the rocky barriers barely keeping the waves away from the car, and the downpour of rain make this shot nearly unbelievable. Usually it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a perfect picture like this…but in reality, it only cost a few bucks!

Vatsal Kataria uses miniature cars, homemade miniature sets, and a little Photoshop magic to bring his ideas to life. This car is only a few inches long!He uses common items because he wants others to be able to take his methods and do the same. Being a photographer isn’t about having expensive equipment and huge props – sometimes, all you need is a bit of imagination and some rocks from outside.He plays with perspective and makes most of his sets from scratch using plaster, paint, paper, sand, baking powder…anything that will add to the drama of the shot!From start to finish, a set can take anywhere from 3 to 15 days to complete. It starts with an idea that he contemplates, thinking about the best way to get the result he’s looking for. Then, he builds the set from scratch. After he takes the pictures, he edits them and adds realistic details such as lights from the headlights, traction from the tires, and a separate shot of the sky.

I’ll be honest…I thought it was real, too!

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