You Probably Enjoy Eating Your Meals In A Comfy Chair. So Does This Squirrel!

Squirrels. Some people love them, and some people hate them. They get into everything, destroy bird feeders, make the dogs bark like crazy, and prance around waving their cute little bushy tails all over the grass. Scampering up the trees and chittering at each other, these adorable nuisances are a hit or miss with some people. Many times, people will set up little squirrel feeders to keep them out of more important things…

And one woman decided that it would be precious if they got to eat in little lawn chairs.

She was right. It’s fairly adorable.

She tacked them to a few trees and secured dried corn cobs to them in order to feed the squirrels. They look like pudgy little dinner guests who aren’t getting up from the table until they are absolutely stuffed! Look at how happy he is! Munching away on that corn like the world is ending.And it turns out that you can buy these little chairs online for under $20, if you’re feeling adventurous. Keep the squirrels away from the house and snap pictures of them “relaxing” in miniature chairs! What’s next? I think so little racing cars or boats would be perfect. I really hope this trend catches on.
Do you have a squirrel feeder in the back yard? I highly recommend these crazy contraptions instead. Don’t forget to take a few pictures! The internet absolutely adores tiny animals doing “people things!”

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