You Probably Don’t Love Nutella More Than These People In France. They RIOTED During A Sale!

You may enjoy Nutella spread on toast now and again, but would you physically fight other people for the chance to buy it on sale? When Nutella went on sale in France, the crowds rushed to get their hands on the discounted goods. The price had been lowered from $5.59 to $1.74 at a 70% discount, and that alone was enough to incite some people to riot. Yes, this really happened. No, we’re not joking.

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The supermarket chain discounted the jars of Nutella but it was quickly apparent that they would need backup. In some locations, the police were called because people were getting injured. 

To help stop the violence, the stores quickly changed their policy to only allow each customer to purchase 3 jars of Nutella. It didn’t stop them, however, as the same customers would make their purchases and go back for more. 

One store reported that an employee was nearly pounced on while bringing out a box of the jars to put on display.

The mayhem lasted for roughly 45 minutes before stores were wiped out, but the reactions on social media are still going viral.

“Nutella Riots” has people talking around the world. Was the spread really that good? Have they been missing out on something incredible this whole time? People who hadn’t tried Nutella were confused as to why people might punch one another for the opportunity to buy it on sale.

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