You Need To See This Woman’s Last Facebook Post Just Seconds Before A Fatal Accident

Courtney Sanford was driving to work in High Point, North Carolina when her favorite song popped up on the radio back in 2014. The song, simply titled “Happy,” made her happy and she wanted to share her joy. At 8:33 AM, she took a selfie and posted the status on Facebook along with her smiling picture.

At 8:34 AM, the police were called and told about a car that crashed head-on into a truck and caught on fire. The collision caused the truck to swerve off of the road and hit a tree, although the driver was uninjured. Investigators determined that the car crossed the median, presumably when Sanford was posting her status.9-27a8When police arrived on the scene, they determined that Courtney Sanford was killed instantly because she wasn’t paying attention to the road. Reports say that police┬ádiscovered her cell phone with the post still on the screen.

As sad as it is, it is a grim reminder to everyone…you just have to pay attention while you are in the car.” Lt. Chris Weisner of the High Point Police Department said about the fatal accident.

At just 32 years old, her life was over.

Paying attention to the road isn’t only to protect yourself, but it is to protect others. What if she had crashed head-on into a minivan with a family? What if she had killed the other driver? When you ask someone to put their phone down while they are driving, it doesn’t matter if they get angry. Do not use your cell phone and drive.

This isn’t a new story, but the chilling reminder should be shared until people no longer use their phones while driving.


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