You Might Think Twice About Eating Spam After Your Watch This

Dallas Carter grew up like any normal teenager, except that he got bigger and bigger until his weight became out of control.

As a young boy, Dallas just loved eating a lot of food, and had Spam as one of his favorites. He didn’t realize that he was already overeating, and even thought that being big is normal because of his Hawaiian blood. It was only when he met his wife and had a child that he realized things must change drastically, but the task is obviously not easy.

What’s remarkable about the process he went through is the willpower he showed to overcome a difficult situation. His life is in jeopardy, his family is on the line, and everything could fall apart if he continued on with his uncontrollable eating habits.

His experience should be an inspiration to anyone who’s also in the same condition as Dallas. What seems to be impossible will be possible with the determination to control one’s self.


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