You Might Have More Cash In Your Pocket Than You Think! These Rare Coins Are Still In Circulation!

When is the last time you paid any attention to your change? Coins have been around for a while, and because of this, there are some pretty rare ones due to inconsistencies or mistakes at the mint! Grab your pocket change and see if any of your coins match up to these descriptions!

1. A penny from 1943

Does this look a little strange? Of course it does! During WWII, copper and nickel were rationed due to short supply and the pennies were made out of zinc-coated steel instead. However, the changes weren’t entirely affected…it is estimated the around 40 pennies slipped through that were made of bronze and also coated in zinc! An easy way to check is to hold your shiny silvery penny up to a magnet. If it sticks, it’s metal. If it doesnt, it’s made of bronze! Keep an eye out – one bronze 1943 penny sold for $1 million in 2012.


2. The 2005 Kansas quarter.

This quarter had a rough time at the mint. By the time anyone noticed the error, several had been minted with the phrase, “In God We Rust,” instead of the phrase “In God We Trust!” This was caused by a mishap in the printing process, and these quarters can be sold for up to $100 if you can find the right buyer!


3. 2004 Wisconsin quarter.

Several variants of this coin have been printed, but what makes this coin special is the extra leaves that have been printed on them. It’s a small error that might require a magnifying glass, but can fetch anywhere from $100 to $1,000 depending on the buyer! Keep a look out!


4. 1948 – 1963 Ben Franklin half-dollar.

We don’t use half-dollars anymore, mostly because they are heavy and large, but if you happen to get one, take a good look at it! These particular half-dollars were made from 90% silver which means that $0.50 is actually worth nearly $300!


5. 1942 – 1945 silver nickels.

During WWII, more shortages caused mints to switch from nickel to a mixture of 56% copper, 35% silver, and 9% manganese. You might only get about $2 per coin, but that’s still a lot more than $0.05!


6. 1932 – 1964 silver quarters.

Quarters minted during these years contained 90% silver! They sell for an average of $6 a piece depending on the condition. I have a box at home of several of these! I haven’t sold them just because they are so cool, but if you can find a rare pressing, you might make up to $75!


7. 1995 Double-Die Penny

Can you spot the trait that makes this penny unique? It’s more clear on the word “LIBERTY,” but you can still faintly see the imprints doubled in the phrase across the top as well. Check your pennies! These can net anywhere from $20 – $50!


If you’ve got some spare change lying around, be sure to give it a quick look before using it in the vending machine!

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