You May Want To Reconsider Whacking This Weed! It Is Actually Useful!

Weeds. They grow up from between concrete slabs, strangle your flowering plants, and spread like wildfire if you don’t stop them in time (I’m looking at you, dandelions!), so discovering that one of them is actually helpful is kind of a shock. Many people dive right in to recipes containing this common plant, and they say that it tastes similar to spinach. The tangy, crunchy, fresh leaves are great in salads, and the more adventurous connoisseurs will eat it with hard cheese.8.17a2You may not have noticed, but many farmer’s markets (and regular grocers) will sell this plant in their produce section…and many people don’t recognize it as a plant that might be growing in their front lawns!

The plant is high in vitamins and minerals, containing large amounts on iron, calcium, vitamin A, and even Omega-3 fatty acids. (Some people toss the seeds into their meals as well.)

While more and more health-conscious people are adding this plant into their meals, the plant has been eaten and praised for thousands of years because of its ability to grow almost anywhere. Poor soil, rich soil, along walls, between rocks, and in the harshest of climates, these plants can live up to 25 years before dying…and even then, it takes a lot to kill this plant as you may have noticed from your own weeding efforts.

Will you be adding this common plant to your diet, or will you continue weeding it away?


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