You May Love Pie…But Have You Tried VEGGIE Pie?! It’s “Comfort” In A Pie Crust!

These pies are made in dozens of different ways, some adding ham, some adding squash, and some love adding Parmesan cheese or thick yellow cheddar cheese. However you choose to spin this tart, the results are delicious, filling, and beautiful!

This recipe used zucchini, eggpant, and carrots as the main ingredients. You might try others – or just use what you have on hand! The combinations are endless. Will you be trying this recipe?12-2z6While some cooks prefer to use a pre-made puff pastry, others prefer to make their dough from scratch! This recipe uses white flour, butter, salt, and egg whites. The star of the show, however, is the creamy filling! This recipe uses mozzarella and sour cream mixed with pepper, nutmet, and paprika. The veggies are all thinly sliced and arranged in this beautiful rose-shape! See the recipe for more details!

The trick to getting the perfect pastry? Bake it beforehand!

You can use a vegetable slicer to get perfect strips, but others find that a knife works just fine. One of the easiest ways to arrange the veggies into a flower-petal shape is to start in the middle. Once you have a sizeable array of vegetables, you can place it in your pastry and cheeses, wrapping more vegetables around it until the entire pastry is filled.

Be sure to check out the full recipe for exact measurements. Does this look like something you’d enjoy?


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