You May Have A Straw Tote Like This In Your Closet…She Proves That It Should Be On Your Front Door!

Do you decorate for spring? Not many of us do. With work, kids, and a million other things to get done each day…it’s no surprise that spring cleaning often gets pushed to the weekend just before Thanksgiving when all of our family members are scheduled to visit. But this springtime decorating hack is so easy, you could get it done in just seconds. There is no special technique or preparation required…if you have one of these straw totes and some fake flowers, you’re already 3/4 of the way there!First, choose your least-favorite tote and shove it full of something that won’t mind getting wet. She used packing peanuts, but you could use anything to fill up the inside of the purse. Stuff a gallon ziploc bag full of something fluffy, like crumpled newspaper or leftover plastic bags from the grocery store. Easy? Easy.Next, shove some springtime flowers into it! Pick some up at the craft store or use some real ones borrowed from the neighbor’s garden! Hang the glorious display on your front door for an extra crafty spring wreath to welcome all of the people who might knock on your door. It’s cute, chic, and perhaps the best of all…it’s easy! What do you think of this adorable project? You can find more details here!

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