You Can Make THESE Awesome “Light” Spheres At Home With Just A Few Items!

You’ve seen them in light shows, in gardens, zoos, and maybe even a neighbor’s yard. They are magical and round and beautiful…but above everything else, they are easy to make yourself! Surround your yard with balls of light and amaze anyone passing through your neighborhood with this incredible DIY project!11-29a4 It all starts with chicken wire. You’ll need to grab a pair of work gloves because this type of wire is sharp, and jagged edges are rampant. You don’t want to stab or slice your fingers while shaping the wire, so take precautions! You need to shape the wire into a cylinder, twist the edges together, and fold the pieces of wire until they form a ball. Make sure the “bottom” is flat so that it can rest solidly on the ground.11-29a5Next, wrap the chicken wire in lights! LED light shine brightest of all, and start with the plug. Place it near the bottom of your sphere and secure it so that the plug is poking out of the ball – this will make it easier in the end!

They recommend using 1 string of 70ct 5mm LED lights per 1 foot of diameter in your sphere. The bigger the sphere, the more lights you’ll need. 11-29a6All you need to do next is place the balls in your yard and connect them to an extension cord. The balls will be fairly heave at this point, but if you need to weight them down, you can hammer a stake into the ground and set the ball on top of it. Find more details on this project here!


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