You Can Hire This Woman To Be An Undercover Bridesmaid For Just A Few Hundred Bucks!

Tiffany Wright offers a unique service for weddings and wedding-related events: she is a professional bridesmaid. She isn’t a wedding planner, but she knows exactly what a bride needs on the big day and will go above and beyond to make the day perfect. She will write speeches, wrangle bridesmaids, and even be the maid of honor to prevent the bride from having to make a difficult decision between friends and family members.After attending 17 weddings in just one year, she noticed a pattern in the brides’ behaviors and knew that it was due to stress. She decided to jump in and alleviate that stress, effectively creating a new career path for herself.

Her best work, she says, is when she is “undercover” and the other bridesmaids don’t know that she’s been paid to help out and make tough calls.

Getting the crowd pumped up at the reception, fetching water, helping the bride in the bathroom, and fending off pushy relatives, she shines as the bride’s right hand gal and gets paid well to do it. She even works for maids of honor who aren’t up to the task of planning and organizing!

At first, her business was helping to create magical proposals, but now, being a professional bridesmaid is her main job! Her company is already booked up for 2017 and she is in very high demand!

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