You Can DRINK A Rainbow Coffee! It Looks As Good As It Tastes!

The obsession with rainbows is at an all-time high in fashion. It was only a matter of time before it ended up in our food as well! This barista is really good at his job, and one day, bored of the monotonous brown and white color scheme in his latte art, he decided to try something new. He put streaks of color into the cream, and was amazed when he poured it into the cup and created some incredible, one-of-a-kind latte art! Look at these awesome creations!
5.2a5The colors mix together so well, he only needs to use 3 or 4 colors in the designs for them to swirl together and create a really stunning drink!5.2a6

Mason Salisbury uses edible food coloring infused into the steamed milk. At Sambalatte in Las Vegas, you can choose the flavor of your latte…as well as the design! When he started posting these pictures on Instagram, people were entranced. He has changed the coffee game! We’ll probably start seeing a lot more designs like this in the future!

5.2a7These are vibrant and fun! They almost seem like the “life” of the coffee! The dose of caffeine in the espresso shot is a jolt to our systems, and the beautiful, dancing colors are a feast for the eyes.
5.2a8Now you can order your latte with an extra feature – not just some boring old cream in boring brown coffee!5.2a9What do you think about these pretty treats? Would you drink something with that much food coloring, or would you order it just for the picture? I would love to take a sip of this gorgeous work of art!

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