Years Ago, He Tried To Save A Turtle’s Life After A Car Accident. Now? This Is Crazy!

A veterinarian at an animal clinic was shocked when someone brought in a box turtle with a severe injury. The poor creature had been struck by a car, leaving his shell injured and cracked open, with pieces missing. If it wasn’t able to be sealed up somehow, the turtle would almost certainly die of infection – a slow and painful death – not to mention it would leave him extremely vulnerable to predators looking for an easy snack.

The vet was able to repair the cracked and broken shell with fiberglass and hoped that it would work well enough for the rest of the turtle’s life. Once the turtle had recovered, he was released back into the woods nearby to live as happily as a turtle could.
He had no idea if he would ever see the turtle again, but sure enough, years later he spotted an odd pattern poking up and out from the leaves nearby. He had been on a walk through the woods when something flashed in the light and caught his eye.

It turned out to be the injured turtle from years ago, still going strong! The fiberglass repair job had held perfectly over the years allowing the turtle to continue exploring and living life.

Sometimes, being a vet is the best thing there is.” He wrote.

He hopes the viral post will teach people a little more about box turtles. He had determined that this particular turtle was already fully grown which meant it was safe to release him into the wild with his new shell. If the turtle had been younger, he would have needed to keep track of it to change the shell shape as the turtle grew.

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