WWII Veteran Discovers 12-Year-Old Chihuahua STOLEN From His Front Yard!

Roger LeClair, a 93-year-old World War II veteran, was devastated when he called his teacup Chihuahua inside and found that she was no longer there. Lola, his 1.5-pound companion, had been enjoying some time in the sun in his front yard – something she does every day – when a woman drove up and stole her.

A neighbor boy reported that a woman driving a red car stopped right in front of LeClair’s home and got out to take Lola, telling telling the boy that she was taking the dog to the vet. And just like that, Lola was gone.

LeClair was heartbroken. He and Lola had shared so much in the past 12 years, from taking walks to visiting neighbors, Lola even curled up near his feet at night. To discover that she had been stolen was just too much. He began putting up handwritten flyers and reached out to the local news stations to try and find her.11-22a15

It worked. 10 days later, a woman called in to say that she had spotted Lola while coaching on a field and was sure that the dog she had found matched Lola’s description. She had found the dog wandering near an elementary school, abandoned and hungry. She was taking care of the dog until she heard news reports and saw that the dog she had found was the dog that had gone missing. 11-22a16LeClair was overjoyed and thankful that someone had been looking after his Lola and is relieved to finally have her home again.


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