Would You Pass This “Moral Dilemma” On A Job Application? I Would Have FAILED! This Guy’s Answer Is PERFECT!

Job applications. They get more and more in-depth as time goes on due to the large amount of workers who apply for the same jobs. Although it isn’t as common anymore, some companies will give a critical thinking test to see how these candidates would react in certain situations. Maybe they are searching for a very specific mindset, or maybe they don’t care about the answer at all and only want to see how a candidate will react under pressure. Regardless, I tried to think about how I would have answered this question, and I would not have gotten the “right” answer if I had been at this interview! Would you?


The way he explained it made such perfect sense! I might have said that I would take the old woman to the hospital, seeing as my old friend would understand and just lament the fact that I missed my shot at “true love.” Thankfully, I’ve only ever gotten the interviews that had a math test or a spelling test at the end. But this guy’s answer is just too clever. What would you have said if this question was asked at an interview?

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