Would You Expect A Company To Care If They Ruined A CAT’S Birthday? Amazon Surprised EVERYONE With This Hilarious Fix.

Our pets mean a great deal to us, but a lot of people may not understand just how MUCH they mean to us if they don’t have pets themselves. We buy them special outfits for holidays, purchase special treats and toys, and the very dedicated will even throw birthday parties! Did you know that there are special recipes just for our pets? People bake birthday cakes and cupcakes and pies all for their precious friends, and sometimes they invite other animals to participate!

One such cat lover decided that she wanted to throw a birthday party for her kitty…complete with a gift! Unfortunately, the gift came without one very important part…THE BOX!

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They sent an APOLOGY gift…to her CAT! Okay, so it was most likely to keep a good customer happy, but still. They did it all for a cat! I’ve never witnessed such an awesome display of customer loyalty for an animal, but there’s a first time for everything, right?

That cat must have had the best party. See how she is completely content to play with the BOX and not the PRESENT?! Typical. Too bad they didn’t invite over any more kitty friends to play in the box with her! Happy Birthday, cat!

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