Would YOU Be Able To Pass This Restaurant’s “Family Challenge?” You Could Win An Ice Cream Cone!

Spending quality time with your family is something that a lot of families are unable to do in today’s world. With both parents working full-time jobs, and some taking part-time jobs just to make ends meet, a “family dinner” is almost unheard of. Juggling a handful of different schedules can seem impossible, and finding a set time to not only prepare and cook dinner, but have everyone available to sit down for 30 minutes? No way.

But occasionally, the opportunity may present itself for a family to get together and share a meal…and when that happens, they might not know how to handle it.

That’s why this Chick-Fil-A in Cookeville is trying something new. They have 5 boxes at the front counter, and if a family wants to, they can try to share a meal together…WITHOUT looking at their phones! If they can get through this seemingly-challenging task, they can each grab a free ice cream cone at the end of the meal!


After concerns that this promotion might be wasteful with the extra cardboard/print that would get destroyed needlessly at each table, a spokesperson for this branch is quoted saying that there are only 5 boxes at the front counter. They re-use the boxes so as not to waste the cardboard/boxes at each table where they might end up ruined or greasy by other guests. Families can use them if they choose – they aren’t obligated to try.


A lot of families wouldn’t be able to pass this test…but if they can, they get a tasty incentive to have more meals without being glued to their phones! I want to try! Free ice cream? Yes, please!

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