Worst Nightmare Comes TRUE! Man Fills Tank At Gas Station, Goes To Pay…And Doesn’t Have Money!

Tyson Crawley was on his way to work when he stopped at a gas station. He filled up his tank with diesel, filled a small can with gas, grabbed a few ice coffee cans and went up to the register to pay. He waited in line behind a man who was paying for a cup of coffee, but once Tyson got up to the register, his blood ran cold.

The night before, he had transferred all of his money into a new bank account but hadn’t brought the new bank card to access it. He had a joint account, but couldn’t remember the PIN code to use it. He logged into his bank app to try and reset the PIN, but it wasn’t working. His dog was barking in the truck, he was running late to work, and he had to figure out a way to reset his information to pay off the $110 total.

At that moment, the man who had just left came back in.

Do you need money?” he asked.

Tyson insisted that he did have money, he just couldn’t access any of it until he reset the PIN.

I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, but he walked around me towards the register. Within a second I realised, and said “no no no please! It’s ok! I have the money I just can’t remember my pin!”. The attendant at the register was just as gobsmacked as me. He replies “it’s a free country isn’t it?I can help a brother out can’t I?”9-28a10

He was stunned and told the man to write his number on the receipt so that he could pay him back as soon as possible and also asked for a picture. The man posed with a “thumbs up” and never thought the story would go very far. It turns out, the man was John Kennedy Jr., an ice hockey player who now works at a geotech company. He didn’t want to be repaid for the act. His only request was that Tyson “pass it on” to someone else.


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