Worst Husband Ever Convinces Buyers That His Car Is Haunted With Outrageous Ad On Craigslist

When they first got together, they made an agreement that would eventually haunt him.

His wife wanted to start planning for a family, and he agreed that when she became pregnant, he would put his 2003 Subaru up for sale in order to budget and make room for a larger vehicle. When the time came for him to honor his word, he suddenly decided that he just didn’t want to…and planned a way to “technically” fulfill their agreement without having to follow through on his promise.

People started sharing it as a warning: “how not to be a terrible husband.”
He starts off his ad by saying it is in “good faith” to their argument, but the details he posts quickly prove that he just doesn’t care about the planning his wife is trying to do before their new bundle of joy was due to arrive. Not only had he neglected to change the oil until 5,000 miles (or every six months), he admitted to getting his repairs done at shops that had no business being in car repair. Along with too-small cupholders, the car became haunted after he purchased a replacement part from an Indian burial ground.

“Any attempts to negotiate will be met with price increases.” he wrote.

He also wouldn’t include pictures of the car – only the pictures of scratches, dents, and problems. And then he went a step too far:

“If you want to come and see the car, great. It has to be when my wife is home so she can see that I actually put the car up.”

The original ad has since been removed, but the full screenshot is below. While some people think he meant it to be funny, others think that trying to lie to his pregnant wife was a scumbag way to go about it.

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