World’s Fittest Grandma Just Turned 80. She’s A Female Body Builder!

Ernestine Shepherd wakes up at 2:30AM every morning. Her routine is strict, but it is a lifestyle that doesn’t make her feel dragged down or exhausted at the end of the day. She has a breakfast of 10 scrambled egg whites, and a handful of walnuts. She starts her day by singing a song that touches her soul, and head out for a run. Sometimes, her husband joins her.

Oh, I can’t sit down. Got to keep a’rolling like the rolling of a song.”6.21a1

She started weight training when her sister had the idea to get off of the couch and live life. They began to exercise together and her sister had a dream to be the oldest body builders in the world – and to be sisters on top of it all.

Her sister died of a brain aneurysm a year later. She was devastated and stopped living. How could she continue? And then, she says, she saw her sister in a dream telling her to keep going.

Two weeks later, she picked her routine back up and hasn’t stopped since. 6.21a2She began entering body building competitions and eventually gained the Guiness World Record for award-winning body building at her age, fulfilling her sister’s dream. She began coaching others in the fitness lifestyle, and teaches a class several mornings a week.

She inspires others to make the most of their lives and to treat their bodies with respect. Ernestine is 80, and she hasn’t let that stop her from doing anything.

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