“Work Less To Live Your Dreams” Says The Man Who Transformed His Jeep Into A Traveling Home!

Dan Grec had a dream…and it wasn’t a 9 to 5 office job. He wrote a book about it, and has six main points that everyone needs to take to heart if they ever want to get close to their dreams. He realized it after saving to take off work and travel all of Africa for 2 years. It sounds impossible, but with a few lifestyle changes, his dream became a reality…while his coworkers were still stuck living paycheck to paycheck, no closer to their own dreams at all. He is so passionate about it, he wrote a book.

Change how you value money”

He began seeing money as a way to achieve his dream. It wasn’t used to make monthly payments on things he couldn’t afford…it was saved. He bought a used Jeep for cash and made improvements so it would become a mobile living space!

Change your relationship with money”

Money is what held him back from living his dreams in the first place. How much money are you making, and are you spending it on things that will get you closer to your dreams? Or did it become a monthly payment for something you probably didn’t need?

Understand the true cost of money”

How much of your life is spent earning it? How many hours are gone, and what do you do with the paper that you earned with your time?

Save money”

He made this awesome Jeep with a water filtration system and a dozen awesome upgrades.

The mindset of spending less”

Think about the long-term consequences of your spending habits. He used solar panels to get him through his 2 years of travel.

Work less”

No amount of vacation time will give you the experiences that you need to truly live your life, according to Grec. This trip definitely could not have been made on 2 weeks of vacation and limited PTO, that’s for sure.

As he progressed, he added the places that he visited and drew his route on the hood of his Jeep!How cool is this?

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