Wooden Pallet Is Unrecognizable After She Adds Four Wooden Legs! She Calls It A “Sexy-Leg Coffee Table!”

Being thrifty can be fun, and like this mom discovered, sometimes it can be ‘sexy’ too! She started with a plain wooden pallet and called for reinforcements. In order to transform this boring wooden pallet into a functional coffee table, she would need help! The pallet was a little big to be a square coffee table, so she wanted to cut it down to size.8.26a2They removed the slats and cut the pallet down to size! They sanded the wood down so that the varnish and paint for coat the new coffee table evenly. It was tough work getting the nails pried out, but once the pieces were all re-positioned, it was starting to look like a piece of furniture!8.26a3It took several coats of varnish. She wanted the wood to be stained a very dark color. The wood was starting to look pretty good!8.26a4After it dried, they added bright red table legs! She purchased these (unpainted) from a hardware store and coated them with a thin coat of paint before attaching them to the newly refinished pallet!8.26a5The wooden theme matches the rest of the room, and the bright red legs give this table a quirky and fun look that will have guests happy to use it! The varnish will protect the wood from water rings and stains…which is perfect since there will be a 2-year-old running around!

Would you ever try something like this in your living room, or will you stick with a store-bought item instead?


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