Women Need To Be More Like These Female Characters

They’re bold, they’re beautiful, they’re brave; they’re fake? We don’t just get inspiration from real live ladies; we can get instant inspiration from those who are fictitious. Read on to learn about 6 quintessential qualities from fearless, female, fictional characters.

  1. Leslie Knopp’s Endless Optimism4b9c51d1ced8d4e9_tumblr_lzcueffjIl1ro0cbpo2_500.gif.xxxlarge

The Parks and Rec main character seems to have endless energy-and optimism. Always viewing the glass as, “half full” this perky and pretty lady always looks for the best in others and makes lemonade when life hands her a lemon!

  1. Hannah Horvath’s Body Bravery

Who hasn’t seen the Girls episode where Hannah plays ping pong with her random love interest, naked? Her body may be less than perfect, but she’s not ashamed of it and embraces her curves with a confidence that is inspiring and slightly unbelievable!

  1. Carrie Bradshaw’s Style

Carrie Bradshaw and style are synonymous. From her famous pink tutu to her fabulous, designer shoes; we can all admire this curly haired cutie’s coveted fashion sense across all seasons of Sex and the City.

  1. Karen Walker’s Lack of SobrietyKaren

Girls just want to have fun, right? No one has more fun each day than Karen “Anastasia Beaverhausen” Parker herself; from the long running show, Will and Grace. Always spotted with a drink in her hand (or on her breath), she reminds us to kick back and relax a little every day!

  1. Donna Martin’s Innocence

The 90210 character is simply sweet. Virginal, naïve, and completely innocent; this Beverly Hills hottie embodies the friend we all have (or want) that is genuinely kind hearted, compassionate, and deeply rooted.

  1. Selina Meyer’s Assertivenessanigif_enhanced-buzz-22986-1380730181-13

She’s not the veep for nothing! Selena Meyer is strong, sassy, and speaks up (sometimes at the wrong times) to get what she wants! She’s not afraid to make choices, delegate responsibility (after consulting with her team, of course), and fight for what’s right for the greater good of America!

Need some inspiration? Check out these six, powerful and inspiring fictional characters that we can all try to channel deep from within ourselves!


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