Woman’s Random Act Of Kindness Allows Homeless Man To Reunite With His Family

It was freezing outside, but when Bev noticed a homeless man sleeping at a bus stop in Manchester, England, she knew that she needed to do something to help him get through the day.

She walked into a nearby sandwich shop and asked for the owner. She handed him £15 to cover the sleeping man’s breakfast and hot beverages for about a week. The owner was inspired by her generosity and decided to post the story on Facebook.He told the world of Bev’s idea and pledged to follow her request, that the man would be eating breakfast there everyday thanks to her. He also plans to give the man his meals at cost, so that Bev’s donation goes farther than just a week.

He posted the story on the shop’s Facebook page with more details…and in a wonderful twist of fate, Bev realized that she knew the man! He was the brother of a former colleague at work! She happened to know that the family had moved away and knew how to get into contact with them. They drove a long way to pick up their estranged family member and were glad to put a roof over his head while he got his life back together!

As the story developed, businesses and kind strangers offered to help him – offering to donate clothing and food – and others starting a fundraiser to give him a leg up in life.

You never know how far one act of kindness may go!

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