Woman’s Horrifying Bra Shopping Experience…Turns Out To Be WAY Too Common! GROSS!

Natalie B. was out shopping when she decided to try on some new items. She didn’t think anything of it when she realized the bra she’d just taken to the fitting room didn’t have a tag on it. It was perfect in every way, so she brought it up to the counter and asked the employee to look up the price…that’s when things took a disgusting turn!

Instead of being able to quickly type in the number, the employee had to find a supervisor. It wasn’t in their system. Natalie waited.

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When the supervisor finally came back, she made a frustrating discovery.

This isn’t ours…it’s a swap.” The supervisor was grossed out but not surprised.

Shoplifters have been doing this for years! When they tried on the new bra, they left their old bra on the hanger and walked out wearing their new, stolen article of clothing…and Natalie had found it!

She was so grossed out by the fact, she immediately shared the story with her friends. But nearly 300,000 people could instantly relate. People who worked in retail had seen these types of things happen constantly, and other women say that they’ve found old bras in the fitting rooms on more than one occasion!

The next time you go shopping…just look for a tag before you try it on! Yikes!

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