Woman’s Dying Wish Is To Say Goodbye To Her Favorite Horse…The Hospital Allows It!

Klinikum Fürth, a hospital in Germany, has been making headlines after allowing an unorthodox meeting between a patient and her favorite horse. The woman, who chose to remain nameless, is one of the hospital’s sickest patients. When her family asked if there was anything that she wanted before she became too weak, she answered simply that she wanted to say goodbye to her favorite horse, Dana.

The 58-year-old woman absolutely adored horses, and Dana the mare had been her closest and most cherished horse. Her family took the request to the hospital, and miraculously, they granted the wish. The hospital worked with the stables and set everything in motion. The stables sent Dana over to visit the hospital in a horse trailer, and the hospital brought the woman outdoors to meet the horse in the hospital’s parking lot! Due to safety and health concerns, the situation was monitored closely…

But there was no need to worry! She was able to spend those precious minutes with Dana, who stood patiently beside the woman (who was probably her favorite human!) and the pair were able to share a heartfelt goodbye.

Some of the most precious things in life are worth taking a little bit of extra effort to accomplish, and this endearing story about a woman and her favorite horse resonated with thousands of people. They saw the importance of the hospital’s actions and hope that others will follow in their footsteps to make such a big impact on the lives of their long-term patients.

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