Woman Witnesses Incredible Act Of Kindness And Has A Stunning Realization

Everyone was minding their business on subway that Friday evening. People were just trying to finish their days, but a nearby homeless man had caught the attention of more than one person. Jessica Bell was sitting across from a man that was having a hard time. His shoes were a in tatters and a size too small, but that hadn’t stopped the man from putting on several layers of socks to try and keep his feet warm. Winters in Chicago were tough, but the man was trying his best. Apparently, his feet were a lot worse off than anyone had first suspected.

A business man was nearby, also minding his business. Without a word, he took off his expensive snow boots and passed them to the older homeless man. Then, he puts his briefcase down and opens it up, taking out a spare pair of thick socks. He tells the man to clean his feet as soon as possible and to change the socks. When the man began to take off his old shoes, everyone could see that his feet were injured from the severe cold, bleeding in some places.
The younger man then takes out a spare pair of shoes that were worse off than his snow boots and not nearly as expensive.

They would have fit the old man just as well, but they were not what this old man needed.” She wrote, stunned.

The man proceeded to get off at his stop without another word.

That’s the kind of change the world needs to see.

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