Woman Was Purchasing These Items For Children In Need. A Stranger Overhears And Had This To Say…

Melissa Lewis is a school teacher, and not unlike most teachers, she has a stash of items in her desk drawer for kids who may be in need of basic necessities. Her mother decided to contribute to Melissa’s collection and stopped by Walmart to pick up a few things. She was going to purchase snack packs, chips, peanut butter crackers, travel sizes of shampoo, soap, body spray, deodorant, and even laundry detergent and fabric softener. She wanted to make sure that if a child needed something, there would be at least one in the drawer.

A man overheard her telling the cashier about what the items were for when he just had to interrupt her.

‘You are buying this to give away?’ He asked.9-16a5

She explained that I keep the items in a drawer for students who need them. After the explanation, he insisted on purchasing everything for her. It was nearly $100, but he just simply said:

‘The world needs more people like you.”

Melissa agreed that her mother was doing a great thing, but she disagrees with what the man said, and they way she explained herself is going viral:

I’d like this man to know that the world could use more people like him as well. Thank you, sir, whoever you are, for showing such a kind gesture to a stranger and showing that this world is still filled with so many incredible people. I can guarantee that this will help my students, but more importantly, it’s made my heart one size bigger by shedding a positive light on humanity in a world filled with darkness and tragedy. I hope that you get to read this whoever you are, and you realize that your kindness is not overlooked and is appreciated. Generosity and love is contagious after all!”

Be kind, be generous, and help the people around you. You never know whose life you will change for the better!


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