Woman Wants ALL Animals Adopted From This Shelter In Time For The Holidays!

Kim Pacini-Hauch is a realtor who doesn’t want to see ANY stray spend the holidays in a cage. The Sacramento Front Street Animal Shelter had a dream: an empty shelter. Many people don’t consider adopting an animal due to the fees. The cost of vaccinations, medication, grooming, and food all add up, which is why most people haven’t thought about welcoming a new dog or cat into their home.

But Pacini-Hauch’s offer had 250 hopeful people lined up on Tuesday morning, hoping to meet the animal of their dreams! By midday, ALL of the cats had been adopted. By the end of the day,¬†more than 20 dogs had found their new homes.¬†11-17a12They hope that by the end of the year, each and every rescued pet will find a new home! If people don’t have to worry about the adoption fees, they are more willing to open up their homes to stray animals – a point proven by the gesture – and the community thinks this is amazing.11-17a13

The shelter does its best, utilizing volunteers to care for its animals, and is one of the few shelters that doesn’t kill animals that have been there for too long. It has a reputation for caring about the animals that come through its doors…but when a shelter gets too full, its time for people to adopt!

Hopefully, this will help the shelter out! Hopefully, this will inspire others to do the same at other shelters.


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