Woman Walks Into Dallas Jewelry Store To Sell Her Necklace. Syrian Refugee Owner’s Actions Go VIRAL!

The actions of this man were caught on the security footage, and they have gone viral overnight. He didn’t expect the footage to be watched hundreds of thousands of times, and has declined to give out his full name to the public because he thinks his actions are something that anyone would have done.

In Dallas, Texas, a woman walked into a jewelry store to have a gold necklace appraised. She was fighting back tears as she answered the jeweler’s questions. She told him, after he asked, that the necklace had been given to her by her mother. It as special, but she needed to sell it because she wasn’t going to be paid until the end of the month and she needed the money to pay the bills.

He asked her how much she thought she could get for the necklace, and she told him. She said that if the necklace was worth anywhere near that much, anything could help her make it to the end of the month.

The jeweler took the necklace and looked at it before taking out his wallet and placing the exact amount she had asked for into her hands. She was shocked that he gave her so much…8.4a7

Then, he picks up her necklace and gives it back to her.¬†8.4a8The woman was overwhelmed and hugged him several times. He gave her his personal number to call if she needed help with anything else, and told her that if she ever needed to sell the necklace¬†to call him because he didn’t want her to take it anywhere else. It as too important as a gift from her mother.

He was a Syrian refugee and knew how hard it was to struggle in life. He says that it was with the help of strangers that he was able to rebuild his own life, and that is why he thought nothing of helping this stranger in her time of need. He hopes that she is doing well and was able to get past this hard time in her life.

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