Woman Uses Instagram To CHANGE Her Life And Her Transformation Is Stunning!

Morgan Bartley weighed over 300 pounds by the time she was 17. Covered in stretch marks, she wanted desperately to make a change, but it was hard work. After have two major surgeries by the time she was 14, paying attention to her eating habits was just not something that she had the time of patience for. Eventually, she decided to do something about it, and that is when she turned to Instagram, a photo sharing site that she used to document her journey.

One of the surgeries she underwent was the removal of an ovary, which sent her into early menopause, sending her into a depression when she realized that she might never be able to have children. She gained 70 pounds in under a year, and she knew that enough was enough. She underwent a surgery that reduced the size of her stomach, and Morgan began to take her life back into her own hands.

Earlier in 2017, one of her photos was reported for excessive nudity by an anonymous user who obviously has nothing better to do with their time, but her story didn’t stop there.

Despite her success and a recent skin removal surgery, she continues to be upfront and honest with her fans. In early July, she began to gain weight and shared her struggles with her food addiction…but she hasn’t given up, and continues to inspire others with her incredible drive to be in control her her own happiness.

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