Woman Tries To “Hack” Amazon For Free Carpet Samples And Immediately Regrets It

It started off innocently enough with one woman just wanting a bit of free carpeting to create a scratching post for her cat. Instead of going to the store and buying a bit of carpet, she decided to request some free samples to save money. The first round of samples were small and not quite what she wanted. Her cats didn’t respond to the fluffy squares so she decided to order more. Using a feature on Amazon, she decided to try again.
But people weren’t happy with her taking advantage of the offer just to get out of paying for carpeting and were very critical.

I never requested these under the pretense of making a purchase, and if a company can not afford to give away free swatches then they shouldn’t offer,” she wrote on Imgur.

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When the next round of swatches arrived, she realized that she’d gotten in over her head…literally! The carpet swatches towered when they were all unwrapped and stacked together. She wrote that her delivery man was not happy. The company sent hundreds of individual packages and he couldn’t unload them all from his truck without help!
Her cats did love the unpacked swatches and she still plans to make a cat tower out of them. The ones she doesn’t use will be donated to local animal shelters who could put the carpeting to good use. 

I can’t bring myself to sell something I got for free. I’d much rather donate and share,” she wrote.

A few employees that work at carpeting warehouses say that this is more common than people realize. With the amount of excess and “mis-cut” carpeting they go through everyday, it was great to see the scraps being put to good use!

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