Woman Stopped A Thief By Doing Something CRAZY. She Admits It Wasn’t A Smart Idea.

Melissa Smith discovered that her reaction in a stressful “fight or flight” situation is to “fight,” and it could have ended very badly.

She was putting gas in her car when another car pulled up at the pump on the other side of her vehicle. Like most people, she didn’t think twice about it. A man got out of the other car and went about his business, but she didn’t notice what he was really up to until he had opened her driver’s side door and started to drive away in HER car!

I had the thought in my head. ‘Do I go after my purse or do I stop my car?’” she said. “And the price tag of my car flashed through my head.” She remembered about the incident.

She jumped onto the hood of her car.

The thief slammed on the brakes twice in an attempt to get her off, not caring that she might be injured.

He looked at me, and he laughed at me, which really irritated me,” she said. “He was laughing while I was on my car, and he was trying to throw me off, so zero remorse.”

Eventually, when he couldn’t shake her, he opened the door and let the car continue towards traffic while in drive. She rushed after her car and was able to put it in park. Meanwhile, the thief got into a black Cadillac that was waiting for him.

The ordeal was caught on surveillance and the police are on the case.

Many people thought she should have just let them take it and passed the theft on to her insurance, but others pointed out that it doesn’t always work out that well when fighting with insurance. She did what she thought was right in the moment, but admits that it was incredibly dangerous.

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