Woman Spots Pile Of Diapers On Changing Table. When She Reads The Note, She HAD To Share!

Christina Causeland doesn’t have any children, but when she found this pile of diapers on the changing table at Homegoods, she had to share it on Instagram.

I can definitely relate to being in a pinch and not having what I needed,” she wrote.

The point of posting it online, while she didn’t use any of the diapers, was to inspire other people to consider doing this, too. Like the strangers who taped a note on random diapers at the convenience store, finding ways to help the people around us is what life is all about.

I once found myself in this exact same spot with a newborn with a crazy blowout and NO DIAPERS or WIPES. An unmitigated disaster, that was! Just in case you have found yourself in the same sort of pickle, I brought in some wipes and diapers to save the day. Good luck out there! Happy Holidays! – Sarah”

“Paying it forward” in a way that she knew would really help, the mysterious Sarah went out of her way to leave a diaper in every size along with a packet of wipes. What do you think of her idea? Rescuing a mom who might end up without a diaper is a huge help, and Christina was glad to have witnessed it.

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