Woman Sends In An Obituary To The Local Paper. They DENY It…But She Shares It Anyway!

When her faithful companion passed away, Lee DiBella wanted to memorialize his passing with a heartfelt obituary. She looked up the cost of having one printed in the paper and sent off everything they asked for to be included. When the Town Times returned her money, she was upset. They informed her that they didn’t include obituaries for pets in the paper. She had strong opinions on that policy.

I think a) it’s a poor business plan- you had someone willing to pay and b) I’m going to start my own pet obituary business. That said, this is what I wrote for my big boy; my special pal.”

Instead of getting angry, she decided to share what she had written…but she had no idea that thousands of people would fall in love with it!Why the paper wouldn’t publish this masterpiece was confusing to a lot of people. The viral story on Facebook led to national news coverage, and Brian’s story was told in even greater detail.

He had been found in the woods at just two years old, but must have come from a loving home as he had already been house trained and knew basic commands. Lee took him in and adopted him, and he had been with her for over 10 years! Through thick and thin, he was by her side.

When he was diagnosed with pneumonia, it was the beginning of the end. He was approaching the end of his life, and even though it was hard, Lee knew that it was time to let him go. She paid him homage with a beautiful, heartfelt obituary, and everyone fell in love with a dog named Brian.

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