Woman Screamed For Help In The WalMart Parking Lot. A Roaming Cowboy LASSOS The Thief!

Cowboys aren’t something you’d expect to see in WalMart, especially if you happen to be from the city, but for Eagle Point, Oregon, ranching isn’t such a foreign concept. But this story has residents of Eagle Point in disbelief! Even the police were stunned at the what happened in the parking lot.

Robert Borba, a 28-year-old cowboy, had stopped at his local WalMart for a bag of dog food when he heard a woman in distress. She was shouting because a man had just stolen her bicycle off of the bike rack in the parking lot. He immediately started riding away, zooming between the rows of cars. If Borba hadn’t thought quickly, the thief would have escaped!11-6a5

Borba saw the man on the bike ride past and immediately decided to chase him on his horse – his two cattle dogs rushing alongside – as he tossed his lasso and caught the thief’s ankle.11-6a6

The man tried to talk his way out of the situation by demanding Borba to “show me your badge!” Hoping to intimidate the cowboy and get free before police were called to the scene.

Borba just said, “I ain’t got no badge!” And called 911. He told dispatch that he had lasso’d a bike thief and that he had tied the man to a tree.11-6a4

When officers arrived, they were shocked, but impressed by how efficient Borba’s toss had been. Borba just said that it was the right thing to do, and would have done it again.

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