Woman Receives SUPER Creepy Text From Her Best Friend During A Date…When She Turns Around?!

Presleigh Dawsyn was out on a first date with someone she didn’t know very well. She had ordered her meal, but wasn’t really eating it, instead chatting with her date and getting to know them…and that’s when her phone went off with an unsettling message.

The text was from her best friend, which confused her. Why would her friend know that she wasn’t eating her meal?! When Presleigh turned around…she spotted her best friend in the most obvious disguise ever! She took a picture on the sly and uploaded everything to Twitter!

People wanted to know how the wait staff reacted to the sketchy customer in the fake mustache and creepy hoodie, but there’s no way to know for sure.It turns out that Presleigh’s friend, Georgia, wanted to make sure that the first date went well! Most women have a “security call” halfway through the date, where a friend is scheduled to ring and ask if the date is going well or if they need to make up an excuse and escape.

Georgia decided to skip that step altogether and physically wait in the corner in case Presleigh needed backup! Hey, we don’t blame them for being extra safe! Although the mustache may have been a bit overboard!

(The date went well, by the way!)

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