Woman Pleads With Facebook Friends And Ends Up Saving Dad’s Life!

Diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure, and after an open-heart surgery, the stress pushed Jeff Charters’ kidney failure to stage 5.

The average time to receive a kidney donation was around five years, but Charters’ daughter, Kim, just couldn’t stand to see her father struggle any longer. He would need to fight very hard to try and survive long enough to receive a functioning kidney donation, but the reality was that he probably wouldn’t live that long. Every night was terrifying, as Charters’ went to sleep, he would wonder if he would even wake up the next morning. Kim couldn’t bear to see him suffer.

So, she took to social media. She wrote a heartfelt post about her father’s journey, describing his medical conditions and outlining his blood type, asking for people to see if they might be a match. She asked for friends and family to share it, pleading for a kidney donation to save her father’s life.

Curiously, she received a message from an acquaintance from high school. The girls had graduated in the same class, and though they weren’t close, Rachael reached out and told Kim that she wanted to get tested and see if she was a match for Kim’s father.

While Kim was on summer vacation, she received the news…Rachael was a match! Instead of waiting for five years, he would only be waiting months. 10-31a7

The day before the surgery, Jeff and Rachael met, wishing each other luck. Jeff offered to pay Rachael back, but she insisted that she had done it out of kindness, not out of hope for reward.


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