Woman Panics After Asking Siri For Relationship Advice And Accidentally TEXTS The Man In Question

Ceci Mula was killing time by asking silly questions to Siri, the app on her phone. Usually, Siri is pretty great at answering questions…but this time, Mula made a terrible mistake, panicked, and made the situation even worse!

I just asked Siri if a certain boy would ever text me and she sent a text (to him) saying ‘will you ever text me?’ to him. My funeral will be held at 8pm this Thursday.” Mula tweeted to her followers. 

She thought it would be a humorous anecdote to how she accidentally embarrassed herself one day. She had no idea that her tweet would go viral. Millions of people saw the tweet and it was shared hundreds of thousands of times.

Worst of all, her viral tweet made its way across his feed, making him not only aware of her strange text…but the story behind it!

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Apparently, when Siri responded with a prepared text message addressed to the boy in question, Mula panicked and pressed ‘send’ instead of ‘delete.’ Eventually, he responded (after thousands of people asked her if he’d seen it) with a simple ‘haha’ which is obviously code for “yikes”. She was mortified, but there was nothing left to do but own the mistake.

Funerals been pushed up! BYOB!” She wrote in response.

Soon after the viral tweet, he unfollowed her. She wasn’t surprised.

Just want to take the time to thank everyone for their kind words & condolences during these tragic times. For those of you wondering, I did receive a text back & yes I was soon later hit with an unfollow. But in the words of our queen mother, Beyoncé (long may she live) BOY BYE.”

Ah, to be young and in love.

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